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Saturday, 4 July 2009

The forked tongue of Mandlesnake.

The government is not an ATM for failing businesses to use to support themselves with taxpayer's money, and it's not just people like me who think so but Mandlesnake himself. Yes, despite the inverted Robbing Hood act they pulled not so long ago when they hosed down reckless bankers with incredible sums of money stolen from taxed from UK citizens, the scales have fallen from Lord Mandlesnake's eyes*. He has seen the light - or one ray at least - and realized that propping up a badly run business isn't a government function. Can it be true?

Er, well, no.

Barely a day has passed since I saw that and already I see that the bastard failed to mention one little condition. The government can indeed be an ATM for failing businesses if doing so buys votes in Labour areas.
“I want workers at both Luton and Ellesmere Port to know that we are doing everything possible to secure a long-term commercial future for Vauxhall,” Lord Mandelson said.
My disappointment has been prevented by my extremely low level of expectation in the first place.

*See what I did there.
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