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Wednesday, 1 July 2009


A bloke has been told to put his daughter's trampoline away in case burglars use it to bounce up through his neighbours' windows. Yeah, seriously. For fuck's sake, where do these mongtards get their ideas? This one sounds like it's come from someone who's rediscovered the joys of playing Monkey Island games. It clearly hasn't occurred to them that it'd be even more worthwhile suggesting to the neighbours that they shut and lock the fucking windows.
A spokesman for London and Quadrant, the housing association, said that it had contacted Mr Nice about his trampoline after receiving a complaint from one of his neighbours, but denied that risk of burglary was a factor.
"The trampoline is in a communal area on our land and our only concern was that when it is left unattended other children could use it and may hurt themselves," he said.
Frankly that's no better than the burglar idea. If other children play on it and hurt themselves, tough shit. Your not their parent, so fuck off and leave it to the people who are.
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