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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Ashes and Tebbit's Cricket Test.

As I may have hinted here I find it hard to get worked up about cricket, but it can be difficult living in arguably the most cricket obsessed country in the world and not have an opinion when The Ashes are on. My opinion, which is worth nearly fuck all in these parts and less than fuck all around Mrs Exile's family, is that it's still an almost unwatchable game and for me ranks alongside golf and fishing - fun to do but it leave me cold as a spectator or viewer. But what really boxes some Aussies is the fact that I vaguely hope Australia win (though I don't want England to embarrass themselves) and that someone will be kind enough to wake me at the end of each test with the scores. Ironically, given my almost complete apathy towards cricketness, I've applied Norman Tebbit's cricket test to myself - I've chosen to make my home in this country so surely I should cheer on Australian teams and Aussie sportsmen and women, at least where they're representing Australia. Of course, if they're not playing Australia I want England to win, but otherwise I'll be going Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi.

So why do Aussies think it's a bit weird that I'm not cheering for England (once they get past the almost triple headed space alien weirdness of a pom not liking cricket very much)? And are they right? Should I put my home nation first... or the one I was born in?

And incidentally, even I could see that fucking ball hit the ground first.
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