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Friday, 3 July 2009

My arse.

Green alert.
Embracing wind and wave power could generate up to £70 billion for the UK economy, according to a new report.
New analysis from the Carbon Trust outlines the economic benefits of new technologies, saying almost 250,000 jobs could be generated by offshore wind and wave power alone.
Yeah, with bells on. £70 billion over how long? Per year? Between now and another date? This is carefully not spelled out, though since the article mentions a belief that the UK could get £2 billion per year, and that by 2050, through wave power I suspect the £70 billion total is (a) not per year and (b) is some way off. In my book that puts it firmly in the realm of wishful thinking, which is about what I'd expect from the Carbon Trust. Come on, hardly independent and impartial, are they? That's not to say that it can't happen, only that I can't put any more faith in it than in my wishful thoughts of winning the Aussie Millions poker - certainly might happen one day, but let's be realistic and not get too starry eyed about it. That goes doubly for the green power industry which is not only highly dependant on government subsidies - and I'm quite sure that that in no way influences their belief in glowworm balming or global warming or whatever, nononono, not at all - but as far as I can see has largely been on the government money tit for a couple of decades without ever having been competitive on it's own two feet. That very same article that claims how much money and jobs will miraculously flow from these currently uncompetitive industries also says:
... the report says that the UK could seize 45 per cent of the global offshore wind market but calls for up to £600 million in research and development, the removal of regulatory barriers and new incentives to speed up the deployment of offshore wind power around the British coasts.
David Kidney, Minister for Energy and Climate Change, said: "... The £405 million investment in low carbon industries secured in the recent budget is a strong signal of our intention to realise that vision..."
Translation: thanks for the latest payment of £405 million of taxpayers' money towards our inefficient power generation technologies but we'd like you to make it up to just over a billion. We promise that there'll be jam tomorrow. Maybe Wednesday week. Next month for certain.
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