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Monday, 21 December 2009

Illegal in Virginia: possession of a penis?

Remember the guy who was arrested for being naked inside his own home? Well, astonishingly he's been found guilty.
Erick Williamson, 29, continues to believe that he has done nothing wrong and that he did not purposely expose himself to two women and a seven-year-old boy who had walked past his house on the morning of October 19.

He immediately appealed against his conviction.
I know this is a long way away in a country that I have no link to and in a state which I've never even visited, but it just pisses me off that a nation that talks so much about freedom can cheerfully tell one of its own people that he is not free to walk around naked in the privacy of his own home in case someone is nosey enough to look through his windows from the street and fragile enough to take exception to a glimpse of his knob.

As for this:
Williamson denied standing naked in his doorway or front window and said he had no intent to expose himself to anyone.

But Judge O'Flaherty likened Williamson to bank robber John Dillinger, who also "thought he was doing nothing wrong when he walked into banks and shot them up".
Welcome to Earth, Judge O'Flaherty. Does being naked in your own home even bear any comparison with robbing a bank? Look, here's what happens when a bank is robbed: someone use violence or the threat of violence to force people to hand over money against their will and which belongs neither to them or the robber. Got that? Right. Now here's what happens when you wonder around naked in your otherwise unoccupied home: . See? In itself it does absolutely nothing, and in fact requires what some would argue is an invasion of privacy in order to be seen by someone else. Personally I wouldn't go that far since he clearly was seen and if he didn't want that to happen he shouldn't have gone near any windows. But surely the reverse of that also applies. Surely people who do not want to see a naked man (or woman for that matter - I'm sure some idiot somewhere would get just as incensed at the sight of a pair of breasts or a 'Tassie map' in similar circumstances) inside his own house they shouldn't be looking at the fucking windows in the first place.


JuliaM said...

" case someone is nosey enough to look through his windows from the street..."

Unusually, we're one up on the Yanks, in that we've let technology do the hard work for us...

Angry Exile said...

Yeah, saw that over at AlJ's earlier. What do you suppose they were looking at? Nosey bastards. Still, the reverse applies and if you know there's a camera out there and were bothered by it you'd probably draw the curtains.

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