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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Oh no...

And I thought Big Brother was bad. Has the country really reached the point where the best it can offer in the way of TV is pigs on a fucking trampoline? And on this side of the world a couple of years ago the Aussie version of the show included a man calling himself Col E Flower who played music on vegetables. I can't bear to embed a clip of it - go look for it on You Tube yourself if you must and if you have the brain cells to spare. Personally even if I knew I was fucking immortal I'd object to wasting the minutes needed to see it again, and I'm glad I'm going to miss the bouncing pig altogether.

Bread and fucking circuses, this. I despair, I really do.


JuliaM said...

It'll never beat fox on a trampoline.. ;)

Anonymous said...
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Angry Exile said...

Oh lovely, another pile of links in a language I don't understand. chetcsturgil, I hope your genitals become square and fester at the corners, you scum sucking spamming cunt.

Angry Exile said...
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