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Thursday, 3 December 2009

No shit, Sherlock.

Top Gear stages things for TV? Fuck me, how those three sleep at night I'll never know. Especially that bouff haired twat Clarkson, having had the gall to openly admit on TV and in print that bits of Top Gear are scripted, worked out ahead of time and stages, he ... er, oh, no secret then? As one commenter here puts it:’s obvious that Top Gear films are set up, or otherwise I must have missed the murder trial over the black Stig.
Love it or hate it there's no point slagging off Top Gear for not being the 100% honest documentary series that it clearly isn't. I suspect this is just tall poppy syndrome. Or tall bouff haired twat if you prefer. Why don't the wamkers whining about this complain about the fucknuts in Downing Street pretending to be Prime Minister instead?
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