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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Don't you dare say that.

Guido mentions that there's an injunction in the UK that not only gags the media in respect to bits of the Tiger Woods but prevents them from mentioning the existence of the injunction itself, and that this has got far enough up someone's nose for it to end up on Wikileaks. So I followed the link and saw this:
Tiger Woods UK media suppression order made by Justice Eady on 10 Dec 2009 as forwarded by media lawyers Schillings.
Quelle surprise, Eady and Schillings (who appear to not have a Wikipedia article funnily enough - wonder if there used to be one).

Seriously guys, who gives a shit? I don't know why the media are so fascinated by a golfer who's been wetting his cock somewhere he shouldn't but really his wife is the only one with a reason to get worked up about it. Still, it's not exactly national security so why the fuck shouldn't the tabloids waste their ink printing it and their readership waste their time reading it. The only thing about the whole issue that I'm at all interested in is that once again someone is attempting to suppress comment about it. Were it not for that (and the $1.5 million we Victorian taxpayers generously shoved into his wallet) I personally wouldn't give a flying fuck. Now, thanks to Schillings and Mr Justice Eady, I'm inclined to do some Googling even though I fully expect to find nothing worth looking for. I'm only doing it because someone doesn't want me to.
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