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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Tiger's wood.

Really, beyond his family and friends who the fuck cares? If Tiger Woods has been playing away from home that's up to him, and if it costs him his marriage and a massive divorce settlement tough shit. The only thing that I care about is we, the Victorian taxpayers, have contributed to the guy's fortune.
The world's top sportsman had more than 21,000 golf fans eating out of his hand on day one of the Australian Masters.

The State Government contributed half of the $3 million put up to lure Tiger to Melbourne, and has already got its money back many times over.
Okay, well done for not actually wasting the money, but is playing sports promoters part of the role of the state government? It may have brought in more than the $1.5 million the taxpayers contributed via the largesse of the government, but even if it doesn't simply end up being split between his wife and her lawyers this was money that the state shouldn't have spent. If they can afford $1.5 mill for a fucking golfer as far as I'm concerned that means they taxed us all at least $1.5 mill too much.
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