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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Let it snow, let it snow (even more)

On Christmas Eve I wondered how the hell Britain is so badly affected by snow these days when so many other nations get by throughout far worse conditions, including Britain itself in the not so recent past. If this is anything to go by I think it's worth asking again: why did several inches of snow not stop a much younger Angry Exile getting on a bus and a train to school like every other fucker? How come TV presenters were able to get from one place to another without eating their own feet? In short, when did a few inches of fucking frozen water become an excuse for an entire fucking developed nation to grind to a halt until it turns liquid again? You're in for much more of this as warble gloaming continues, so harden the fuck up.*

* To be fair I'm sure millions of Brits did brave the sub-antarctic conditions and carry on as close to normal as possible, maybe just allowing a lot more time to get from home to work or client to client or simply expecting fewer customers for a bit. And I expect those people still call it working for a fucking living.


JuliaM said...

Some of us even struggled in from miles away to find that people wo lived a short bus ride or walk away from the office were taking a 'snow day'...

Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Though I am...

Angry Exile said...

So would I be. The need to drive carefully never stopped me, though I was self employed so if I stayed at home there was nobody to complain. I just didn't get paid.

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