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Friday, 18 December 2009

Obesity warning.

Stop Laughing You Jerks

Apparently it's all the fault of that bastard Santa. No, really. An expert says so. Yeah, because one fucking day a year a fat fiction in a red suit does so much harm. Jesus Christ (and happy birthday for next week, by the way) anyone playing Santa here has to pad up and wear a fake beard in the middle of summer while everyone else is walking around in shorts. It was over 35˚C here on Wednesday. Promoting obesity? More like promoting drowning in your own sweat. This is just killjoy Nanny statism - notice the British medical profession's involvement - once again trying to spoil a little fun for the rest of us.

Shut up.

Fuck off.

Die quietly under a heap of reindeer shit.

UPDATE: In the UK Telegraph too.


George said...

Over here a comment was made that he is not a very good role model, what is it with this fucking obsession with fucking role models, he is not supposed to be a role model he is a fictitious character for gods sake.

Angry Exile said...

Astonishing that someone paid for this 'research' isn't it? When does the IgNobel Committee start taking nominations?

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