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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Engage mouth before thinking.

There are some people whose blatant stupidity and ignorance just shifts my misanthropy engine into high gear with one sentence. From a comment by David Davis (not that one) at the Libertarian Alliance:
In 2003 I had occasion to berate a “State primary school teacher”, responsible for one of this team’s present bloggers, for teaching the children in her class that the Tudors brought the world “war, piracy, drugs, potatoes and slavery”.
How wonderful to know that such a mind is involved in educating the latest generation! Because as we all know the Romans, Egyptians, Babylonians, and every other group of fuckers ending in -ites from the Old Testament would never have dreamed of using slaves. Equally I have little doubt that the Tudors invented piracy and that reports of piracy going on among those and other various ancient peoples are all exaggerrations, and that it certainly does not go back to the time not long after we worked out that boats were best if one end was a bit pointy. And of course none of them ever got stoned either, especially not the ones growing opium five fucking thousand fucking years ago, just as it's completely unheard of for indigenous cultures in the New World to have ever ground or boiled something up to get completely shitfaced on. No doubt that was why the world was at peace all the way from the dawn of time till Henry Bastard Fucking Tudor and his descendants came along and fucked things up for everybody. Them and their fucking potatoes.

Then over outside her cave the Thylacosmilus quotes a nurse on the subject of female genital mutilation:
Of course, when your campaign is spearheaded by muddle-headed people like this ... it's no wonder you are on a hiding to nothing:
Jackie Mathers, a nurse from the Bristol Safeguarding Children Board, said: "These families do not do this out of spite or hatred; they believe this will give their daughters the best opportunities in life. We would like a conviction, not against the parents, but against a cutter, someone who makes a living from this."
Yep, repeated /facepalm and probably four or five hefty /headdesks as well. Yeah, sure, ignore the parents because a belief that you're somehow giving her the best opportunities in life excuses asking someone to cut up your daughter's twat. What the fuck are we saying here? Would a belief that it was in his daughter's best interest to be locked in a cellar and repeatedly raped for more than two decades have excused Josef Fritzl? And if not him then why not someone who takes their child to have their genitals mutilated? Why is the use of force to do something to someone against their will okay in some circumstances, such as holding a sincere belief, but not others?* Is it the thing of which we dare not speak - hushed whisper, 'cultural sensitivity' or some bullshit phrase along those lines that means 'I don't dare criticize you because I fear the race card'? Never mind fucking /facepalm or /headdesk, I'm thinking a more appropriate response is something along the lines of /P45facestaple for Mathers.

I try not to hold the vast majority of the human race in complete contempt, I really do. I want to be optimistic and think the best of people and believe that most of us are actually pretty decent. But when I come across such outrageous cuntwaftery it just makes it so fucking hard to keep that ideal up and I just want to retreat to the middle of a desert with everything I need to keep twats like that at arms length while I scream and vent. Deep breaths, now. You have to rise above, Angry, rise above..... because it's better to drop the boiling oil from a decent height.

The world is full of complete cunts!

* Yes, despite friendly relations with my Jewish neighbours I do include circumcision of males, especially babies, for non medical reasons. The effects might not be as bad (or not - my equipment has been maintained in original condition so I really wouldn't know) as female circumcision and I'm sure if you're going to do it at all then better it done at an age where the lad won't remember it or have to deal with the possibility of morning glory during recovery from surgery - a fella I knew who'd had a medical necessary circumcision said that that was no fun at all. But still, why do that to someone before they're old enough to make a reasoned decision for themselves unless you actually need to? You wouldn't cut your infant's earlobes off, so why go near the poor kid's groin with a sharp implement? Ah, yes, sorry - God told you to. As the old joke goes:

And Abraham spake unto The Lord, and he said "Right, so let me get this straight. You say we're the chosen people, and you want us to cut the tips off our WHAT?"
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