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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Please tell me it's faked - UPDATED

I think it is. I hope it is. This isn't somewhere obscure - there are rough maps on travel brochures, for Christ's sake. So this really should be just a gag that's been mocked up to take the piss out of Fox.

But if JuliaM's latest post is any guide to the quality of media failing, it might not be.

UPDATE - Thanks to Steve in the comments, who informs me that it is not a fake but an absolutely genuine media balls up on a grand scale and that some other parts of the media are going apeshit over it. That prompted a little bit of googling to see what they're saying and it actually turns out that it's a year and a half old and so doesn't relate to the current news about Egypt. All the same Fox were certainly doing geography wrong. You'd think they'd be able to identify a country America has occupied for several years.
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