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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Fake Charities - UPDATED

I've been meaning to mention that the Devil has up and running again, and having been prompted by this over at JuliaM's I've been over for a look. Nice look and easy to find the submission page, improved from the last version of Fake Charities by allowing the submission of genuine charities.* Perhaps the Devil is planning a Wall of Heroes to show the occupants of the Rogue's Gallery how it should be done. Anyway, having downloaded their last couple of reports for a comment at Julia's I decided to submit The Save The Children Fund, the particular not-quite-a-charity-really that Julia was writing about, to Fake Charities. £170.9m income in the 9 months to Dec 31st 2009, £90.9 of which came from institutional grants made up from both private and government sources. The lion's share - about £75m - is government though, with the two largest sums coming from the UK government and the EU. The UK's grants of just over £19 million (nearly all from the Department for International Development**) are more than 10% of the "charity's" income on their own, but when you consider that the UK contributes significantly to the UN's funding and the less said about its EU contributions the better, and also that many UK councils give grants as well, the British taxpayer is actually being taken for almost certainly in excess of £20 million. The previous couple of year's financial activities show that this isn't a one off so I submitted them to in the fake category.

And if anyone from Save The Children or who supports them, or who even just happens to be a fan of Princess Anne, wanders past and reads this, and gets angry about me submitting them as a fake charity because they do very good work you know, Exile, you curmudgeonly cunt, I'll say this: yes, but that's not the point. They may do outstanding work but what makes them a fake charity isn't their work but that a large chunk of their income comes out of the involuntary contributions of taxpayers. I'd go so far as to say that they are particularly fake since they receive money taken by governments all over the world from their taxpayers, not just Britain's. If they in fact do good work then it is sadder still that they're doing this because when people become aware of it genuinely voluntary donations may be affected. I for one will not give them a cent in future because while this continues as far as I'm concerned I've already donated, and not by choice (yes, the Australian government is a contributor of grant money too).

Does a "charity" in receipt of tax money paid reluctantly under threat of violence deserve further voluntary donation from whatever a government chooses to leave in the pockets of the poor bastards who worked for it? I would say no, and so the message to anyone calling here collecting on behalf of such a "charity" is a simple one:

Same gate you came in, now sod off and tell the higher ups that I'll start giving again when they stop getting governments to take it by force.

UPDATE - I was going to include this recent pithy comment on the subject but I couldn't remember the source off the top of my head and it was late. After a little googling just now I see that it was Guido.
A charity that relies in the main part on taxes is no more a charity than a prostitute is your girlfriend.
That could go on tee shirts.

* At least I don't recall it being there before but I may be mistaken.
** Recently I read Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo in which she tears apart the thinking that results in things like the DfID and proposes ways in which poor nations can develop themselves. Highly recommended reading if you haven't already.
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