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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Mrs Speaker, attention seeker.

But for the careful and, she insists, tasteful intervention of some bed linen it could have been Mrs Speaker the Westminster streaker.
''It was just meant to be a bit of fun but obviously it has completely backfired on me and I look a complete idiot.''
Idiot? Normally I'd agree, Sally, but as things are by doing the shoot and interview and then going on non-stop about how you now wish you hadn't and didn't expect to be asked to strip off and do the sheet photo you've probably got nearly as much attention as if you had run through the Commons with your own despatch box on display. And for that reason I'm going to break my normal blogging habits and not link to the story where I got that quote - you're getting enough attention for not doing anything of much importance as it is.
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