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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Holy Shit Moment of the Day - UPDATED

Via Uncle Bill, Colonel Gaddafi or however you spell it has reportedly done a runner to Venezuela. I hadn't got round to blogging on the protests in that part of the world reaching Libya and how the bastards began shooting in response, but I'll admit that my thoughts on it were that if one fucker was going to tough it out, if there was one man crazy enough to say fuck it and try to hang on in there, it would have been the Colonel with the funny 'tache who founded the famous Qatafi Fried Killing restaurant chain.*

I bet I'madinnerjacket won't be needing suppositories for a while.

UPDATE - now reportedly claiming that he's still in Tripoli and bagging anyone who says he isn't. However, I suspect that even if he hasn't moved an inch just the rumour going around that he'd fled the country will have done him some damage, not to mention increased bog roll orders from a few Presidential palaces elsewhere.

* It's Window Lickin' Good.
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