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Friday, 25 February 2011

Nutter vs Nutter - UPDATED

Apparently Gaddafi is blaming Osama Bin Laden for causing unrest in Libya, though I have no idea if this means he's madder than we all thought or if it's a tactic aimed at trying to get western support (in which case he might be madder than we all thought). But it's make a great special for a Celebrity Deathmatch comeback.

UPDATE - hanging on but looks like he's struggling to keep his grip.
In Egypt, President Hosni Mubarak's first address to his people was defiant. By his second speech, he tried to be conciliatory, to present himself as an elder statesman.
Col Gaddafi did the same, moving from irate father wagging his finger at his disobedient teenage subjects to saying all he ever wanted was to be a loved and respected constitutional monarch with no real power, like our Queen.
Later, there was an even more direct echo: Mr Mubarak told ABC News in the US he was "fed up" with ruling his country and carried on only to stop it falling apart. Col Gaddafi yesterday said he was not "interested" any more but would stay out of patriotism.
If he hasn't settled on a destination for an indefinite holiday he probably needs to start thinking about his preferences for a wall with a nice view.
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