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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Easy choice.

The Snowolf has been looking at women in their fifties. One, Nigella Lawson, TV domestic goddess and Queen of Food Porn is 51 and looking fabulous. The other is Gillian McKeith, slightly older, and known for describing herself as a doctor until it became clear that poking through people bowel movements and telling them that the nutritional value of food depends on what colour it is does not, in actual fact, count. Even allowing for the slight age gap NotDoctor McKeith looks less fabulous than the Domestic Goddess Food Porn Queen. In fact she looks like she not only sucks lemons to get that face but could also, if she decided it was bad for people, suck every photon of every ray of sunshine right off the fucking crop.
I'm betting she eats alone, in silence, probably indulging in a spot of scouring at the same time.
Wouldn't surprise me, Snowolf, wouldn't surprise me. Nor would it surprise me if he's right in his guess that Nigella, queen of full fat desserts, good cuts of meat and food that's not mere fuel but a joy to eat, tends to eat with friends and family and with laughter and light. And he finishes with an absolute killer of a point.
These two pictures demonstrate what the Righteous, the people that would have you smoke-free, drink-free, fat-free, friend-free, choice-free, freedom-free actually look like, and what they want you to look like. It also shows how those who want everyone to spend the time we have on this Earth actually living and loving, rather than surviving and cowering in fear, look.

Which would you rather be?
An easy sell as far as I'm concerned. Food porn and fun over Righteousness and shit sniffing every day.
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