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Saturday, 12 February 2011

How many times?

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Jesus H Christ with an abacus, were you fucking like this back in the 90s when you were Chancellor of the fucking Exchequer? Were you this innumerate, Ken? You Cobbleition fuckmonkeys are spending more this year than Labour spent last year. The only difference is that you are increasing spending at a slower rate than your predecessors, the key word there being 'increasing'. Because an increase is not a cut, d'you see? So unless you're just saying this in the hope of giving Polly Toynbee an aneurism, and to be fair that's actually not a bad reason, and really you're quite aware that spending is going up rather than down, I'll ask the question yet again:

What fucking cuts?

It comes to something when even pollies from the so-called party of business think spending ever increasing amounts of someone else's money can ever qualify as a cut. Profligate fucking twat.
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