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Monday, 17 January 2011

Who's on top can be confusing Down Under.


A bizarre decision to ride an inflatable doll down a flood-swollen Yarra River blew up in a woman’s face yesterday when she lost her latex playmate in a rough patch.

Her keks too, according to The Herald Sun.
While it is understood the blow up doll and several other inflatable items were salvaged from the scene, the bottoms of the rescued woman's bathers were long gone down the river.

A blanket was required to protect her modesty as she exited the water.
And they just fell off? Was it all done in the best pAHH-ssible taste?
Police and a State Emergency Services crew were called to the rescue when the woman and a man, both 19, struck trouble at Warrandyte North about 4.30pm yesterday.
Just in case you're wondering it's well over an hour away, I can't pass for 19 anymore, my hair is shorter and I have an alibi.
But, with Queensland in the grip of a deadly emergency and 50 rescues from flood waters around Victoria in the past week, police were not amused at the pair's "stupid" actions.

‘‘We’ve got people busy with rescues and to have to divert resources to that sort of thing is not ideal," said Senior Constable Wayne Wilson

‘‘Most rescue organisations would frown on people behaving in such a manner because there are people out there who are in genuine need of assistance,’’ he said.

The rescued pair were checked by ambulance officers but did not require medical attention.
And when it comes to Aussies doing crazy shit that's never guaranteed.
The incident prompted a warning from police that blow-up sex toys are "not recognised flotation devices’’.
:Sigh: I give it 18 months before Melbourne's sex shops are required to put that on a warning sign.
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