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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

We're all going to die. Again.

Oh noes, the oceans are coming to kills us all, their levels rising from melting sea ice in the arctic. Except that this is only possible inside the brains of people like The Telegraph's Roger Howard, who writes here that:
Regional sea ice is retreating fast, threatening to raise global sea levels...
That's only the second and third line of the article, and is a schoolboy error of such epic proportions - and unusually for teh interwebz 'epic' is probably not overstating it - that for me he's shut his own balls in the drawer credibility wise. Roger? Watch this carefully.

See? As the ice shrinks you get water in the glass, and once all the ice is floating (about 25 seconds in) the level remains constant no matter how much melts from that point. The same thing happens with ice floating in the oceans when it melts.


PS - not the only recent schoolboy error on this subject. A fortnight ago the Devil pointed this out. Polar bears in Antarctica... oh dear, oh dear. They've changed it now so it'll be interesting to see if Roger Howard rewrites his piece. Enough commenters have pointed out his mistake that he's surely aware by now.
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