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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Satire? Reality? It's getting hard to tell sometimes.

From Newsbiscuit.
As the number of unemployed climbs steadily to top 2.5m, three people made redundant by Hampshire County Council in the latest round of cuts have chosen to focus on the positives and turn entrepreneur by establishing their own start-up local authority.


And while Yake is deliberating issues and Sharp is reviewing reports, their other partner, Mike Roscoe, tables proposals and drafts memos for the other two, rejoicing in the lack of red-tape. ‘Look at this,’ said Roscoe, pointing proudly to a hand-written sign next to the light-switch in the meeting room asking people to turn the lights out when the room is not in use. ‘At Winchester it would’ve needed five signatures and a public tender to get that sign up, but at Independent Hampshire Council it took only an impromptu 90-minute discussion before consensus was reached, and by the end of the week the markers and paper were on order.’

Next up for IHC will be their first leaflet, and they can’t wait to get stuck in. ‘Mike’s already circulated a memo to get ideas for when we should start a discussion on the timing for the first meeting,’ gushed Mr Yake. ‘You won’t see initiative like that in Winchester!’
Actually I'd be prepared to believe you'd see initiative very much like that in Winchester.
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