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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Massive forehead, big nose.

Do you remember late 1997 and early 98 when it was really becoming clear that New Labour were likely to be at least as bad as the late and unlamented Major government and possibly more so? And now in 2011 are you getting a sense of déjà vu? Well you bloody shouldn't be because the disappointing lack of action on the part of The Cobbleition when it comes to disposing of much of the illiberal legislation of their predecessors has been pointed out by enough people already, as has the fact that they are getting awfully like the bastards the country finally got shot of less than a year ago. This time it's bank bonuses again, and the utter inability of the government to grasp that it's got absolutely fuck all to do with them.
Downing Street has accepted that it cannot halt large bonuses for bankers...
Now before we all start cheering that they realise that pay and bonuses are between an employee, their employer and the company's shareholders bear in mind firstly that it's seems like very reluctant acceptance on the government's part, and secondly that they have a Plan B.
...and is instead negotiating to make employers disclose how many are given more than £1 million.
Which, given the way all governments fuck the currency and inflate away its worth, isn't always going to mean CEOs, even though I'd believe them if they said that's all they were interested in. Y'see, like the parasites who were in government before them they've clocked that jealousy can work for them. Point out to the average man in the street that some chinless wonders in pinstripes each get paid more money per year apparently just for not fucking up too much than he or anyone he knows will make in their lives, and hopefully he will be so consumed with angry jealousy that he won't notice the way the government had quietly put its hand into his own pocket and is now busy lightening his wallet.

I'm still a bit busy to rip into this at any length so I'll condense it down to one word.

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