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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Curiosity maimed the moose.

What it did to Mr Puddlecote I'm not sure, but having been hung, drawn and simultaneously buried in multiple graves I'm sure it isn't anything he can't handle. Still, since he and the Moose have tagged me to describe the blogging environment of Chez Exile I think they're in no danger here. In no particular order, and skipping over the obvious like computer, mouse, printer, we have:

Two tape measures
Some cat hair
A piece of plastic that fell off my chair earlier today
A coaster
A bunch of USB flash drives
A stack of blank DVDs
Some permanent marker pens
Some more cat hair
A four month old copy of the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria magazine that I deliberately kept for some reason that I'll probably never remember now
An Allen key, fuck knows why
A landline phone and a charger for my mobile
A Maglite torch
A letter from some thieving bastards calling themselves something like Her Majesty's Revenue And Cuntscum offering me the chance to permanently lose more money in their version of Bernie Madoff's investment scheme
An English dictionary (English English, the Strine version is on a shelf)
A broken iPod that awaits love and coaxing back into life, or a short meeting with a ball peen hammer
Yet more cat hair
A menu for a new pizza restaurant
A watch
A coffee mug that missed the washing up round up from 12 hours ago and has therefore not been washed up since last year
A bottle of alcohol free fizzy piss (empty)
A shelf of hardback books, mostly non-fiction
A can of compressed air to help blow away all the cat hair until one of the fuckers comes and sheds all over the desk again

There's some stuff I've glossed over but that gives an overall impression. Needless to say everything is upside down.

I'll tag Uncle Bill and Captain Ranty.
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