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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Top Gear in Australia.

I was right: it was a good programme made shit. Late, cut to fuckery, and with annoying 'coming up' messages for other things Channel 9 are showing and which will in turn be spoiled in a similar way (probably on screen plugs for Top Gear). Worse still, the two hour Top Gear special turned out to be the third fourth show of the last series shown in the UK, preceded by ep 1 before the Olympics (according to an Anonymous commenter) - and where the fuck were the first other two, you Channel 9 fuckknuckles? - followed by the American road trip from three years ago. Is this all some secret plot to increase sales of broadband packages with high download limits?

Cunts. Next week I'll blog instead.


Anonymous said...

actually it was ep4 of series 14, (ep2 would have been next in the sequence), ep 1 was shown just before the olympics coupled with the winter olypics special

Angry Exile said...

I stand corrected, though it doesn't really change my point.

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