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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Lucky old Vauxhall.

£270 million for fucking up their own business, despite the government's generosity towards the industry as a whole by subsidising new car purchases with £300 million of taxpayers' money. We're all in the wrong line of work. Clearly we should be in the business of spending too much money making too many cars, and then someone like Peter Mandelson will come along every time a booming economy won't support our lunacy and bail us out. Presumably their worry is that potential Labour voters might lose their jobs and get a wake up call around election time, though the irony is that the money must come from either current tax contributions by companies like Vauxhall, as well as their employees and customers, or from money the government has borrowed, which must ultimately be paid back by the tax contributions of companies like Vauxhall, as well as their employees and customers.

Of course voting Tory is no more going to put an end to this masochistic cycle than opting for another five years of Colostomy Brown. Fanfuckingtastic.
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