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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Is this your own car, son?

It's pretty unfortunate timing for the Victorian Police that, just a couple of days after they've been in the news over allegations of racist emails being circulated by officers, a couple of them lived up to an unfortunate (and I'd hope mostly unfair) stereotype of police everywhere - stopping a young black male in a smart motor.
ONE of the favourites for this weekend's formula one grand prix, Britain's Lewis Hamilton, is expected to be charged with improper use of a motor vehicle after being accused of doing burnouts in St Kilda.

Police sources would only confirm that a 25-year-old British citizen and resident of Switzerland would be charged on summons after an incident at 9.15 pm.

They said a 2010 silver Mercedes sedan had been impounded after a person entered Fitzroy Street from Lakeside Drive and proceeded to do burnouts.
Oh to have been a fly on the wall. "Who do you think you are, mate, Lewis Hamilton or somethi... oh."

Now in fairness to the cops it does sound like he was being ever so slightly twattish, and the law is what it is and they're there to enforce it.* Here, as I've mentioned before, that means dealing with twattish behaviour on the roads fairly harshly and not really giving a shit about impounding a car belonging to an innocent party. So what we have here is a police service tarred by recent accusations of racism impounding a flash car driven by a young black male who happens to be one of the best drivers on the whole fucking planet.

Funny old thing sometimes, life, eh?

PS - despite being an F1 fan I was fairly scathing about the Grand Prix the other day. That was just the fan in me being underwhelmed by the 'sport' on show. The libertarian in me has other beefs with it. I've talked about this before here and elsewhere but the short version is the fucking state government hose taxpayers' money at this. Since when was being a fucking sports promoter a government function? I think the Victorian taxpayers really deserve an answer before you bastards drop another $50 milliion or whatever into Bernie Ecclestone's wallet next year.

And tell the fucking RAAF that everyone within 10 miles of that circuit must know what their fucking F/A 18s sound like by now so will they please go off and fucking bomb somebody with them. Everyone would be so grateful.

* Not that I'd agree with that, but of course you should expect most cops to.
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