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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Labial Conocrats

Via Obnoxio I see the Labial Conocrats think that the left and right wings of The Party are are virtually the same these days. Nothing gets past them, does it? On the other hand since they have a foot firmly in both camps themselves they ought to fucking know. Anyway, they've had this hugely original idea for a webshite using a portmanteau of Labour and Conservative for the name* on which is a page where you can tell them why you're, to use their term, a Labservative. I said this:

I'm interested to see if it passes moderation - and I'll leave the further irony of people who call themselves liberal moderating all comments - and so to give it every chance I've avoided being sweary or outright rude and, hopefully, just made the point that a labservative is pretty much synonymous with 'Liberal Democrat'. I'll give it a day or so and if it's not made it I have a second one teed up and ready to go.

Call it experimenting with their liberal credentials.

UPDATE - to my amazement they published it. I wonder if the sarcasm didn't come across or if the moderator is someone who actually has some claim to the 'liberal' moniker. A reply to my own comment might be necessary.

* So using all three names of the wings of The Party should be even better, yes?
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