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Thursday, 18 March 2010


I was going to blog on the latest recreational drug to be involved in a couple of deaths and attract the attention of the bansturbators but since it's already been covered nicely over at the LPUK blog I'll just quote a bit and integrate it into a future post on drugs in general.
Two lads took contaminated MCAT. Not MCAT. Contaminated MCAT. Does one ban all milk because people in China died drinking contaminated milk? No.

Do you reduce or increase the chances of contaminated products by making it illegal to make, sell or consume? Answer: Increase.

Do you reduce the availability of a drug by making it illegal? Answer: No.

Do you raise the price of a drug by making it illegal? Answer: Yes

Do drug dealers stand to gain ever greater profits from making a drug illegal? Answer: Yes

Is there a greater incentive to push a drug when the profit margins grow significanty? Answer: Yes.

Does it criminalise people both due to their actions and by dint of forcing them to consort with other criminals? Answer: Yes
Worth going and reading the whole thing, especially as another excellent point made is that the UK is likely, because of the tabloid stories and the wailing of the grief stricken and the paternalist bastards who want to run everyone's lives for them, to ban it and miss a golden opportunity to deal with a recreational drug rationally for a change. The term 'legalise' was used at the LPUK blog, which I think is probably not the right word since this stuff is legal right now, but I take the point. There could have been some sensible regulation of this stuff that recognised that if someone is so determined to get stoned that they're prepared to consume fucking fertiliser then we all might as well accept that it's their choice and let them get on with it with the minimum of interference.


Anonymous said...

Brasso on the rocks anyone ?

Angry Exile said...

Not for me, thanks. I'm TT and non-smoking, let alone fertiliser sandwiches and speedballs. But you go for it if you want to.

just say no said...

Their relatives were on tv saying it was terrible that it wasn't banned as it made the kids think it was ok to take and that the government should be ashamed etc etc
Excuse me. There are lots of things you shouldn't take that aren't banned that might kill you. Turpentine, paraquat, beta blockers etc
And some weasel said it's all Prof Nutts fault aswell as he resigned and it held up the inquiry into this new drug.
Sadly two people are dead because they're stupid. And that's it.
Take any shit you like but suffer the consequences. Make all drugs legal as far as I'm concerned.
If you're stupid enough to take drugs then don't complain when they damage you.

Angry Exile said...

just say no, that's pretty much where I stand. As long as drug users aren't stealing from me or anyone else to buy their stuff, and in the absence of black market prices being further increased by governments destroying as much as they can I doubt they'd have to as often as now, it's their lookout. Sad when one of them carks it, but it's sad when someone dies as a result of doing anything they personally enjoy.

JuliaM said...

Does anyone ever stop and think that maybe by banning this substance, you'll force people into snorting/swallowing/smoking even odder things in a quest for legal thrills, and they might even be more dangerous?

No, you're right, rhetorical question...

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