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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

So, Gordon, is it wrong or not?

[In best Columbo voice]

You see, Gordon, I'm a little confused about something. You've got these four guys who've said they'll accept money to get laws changed for people. So I don't like a law that's hurting my business, I talk to them, they talk to you or someone who changes it, right? But you don't say a thing. Not a thing. And that Cameron guy said there should be an inquiry, but you said there wasn't any need. So what they did was all okay, right? But here's where I'm confused, because like a day later you as good as kick them out of the party. Now why would you do that if there was no problem?

[Shoves hands into pockets and walks to door, turning just before he gets there]

Oh, just one more thing. Did you really eat your own snot, you fucknuts?
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