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Friday, 26 March 2010

What the fuck's it got to do with you, Badgerface?

I realise that the British government now owns a significant part of the UK retail banking sector but where the fuck does the Chancellor get off ordering banks his government didn't spend tax money buying to do what he wants?
One million people, currently without access to a bank account, have been promised that they will be have a legal right to open an account.
Oh, another legal right. Deep joy.
Alistair Darling, the Chancellor said that it a bank account was "something essential in the modern world" as he announced the move in the Budget.
Banks and building societies will be forced to open a basic account – offering no overdraft but a debit card and the ability to pay direct debits – for anyone who asks. This should allow consumers to save money on their utility bills and other services, because most companies offer discounts to people who pay by direct debit.
And what about the right of private companies to do business with who the fuck they want without having to justify it to you, Darling, you two tone cunt? Listen, fucknuts, your fucking government owns banks, right? If you want accounts opened for literally anyone then why not simply tell those state owned banks to do it? If it's a good thing - business wise obviously, not the idealistic kind of 'good thing' you might have in mind - then you can expect privately owned banks to follow suit. If they don't then this might suggest that though your idea may be good in social terms it's a non-starter in the real world. Tough for the million or so who can't get an account? Not really, since Lloyds and Northern Wreck would still be opening accounts for them on the instructions of the majority shareholder, i.e you lot.

See? Simples. Twat.
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