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Monday, 22 March 2010

Pet advice spot.

If your cat steals bits of your dinner when you've been daft enough to leave it unattended she's just being a cat. However, if what she stole was mashed potato and onion gravy she's being a fucking retard.

Normal blogging will resume when I've stopped following her around with a dustban and carpet cleaner waiting for the inevitable.


JuliaM said...

Cats steal for the pleasure of it, not the actual item itself. Our female Siamese will, given half the chance, help herself to any dripping left out from the Sunday roast.

I can only imagine the look on her face were she to be presented with a big plateful of it at mealtime...

Angry Exile said...

Oh yes, opputunistic little sods and I'm sure they'd love a nice bit of beef dripping. But mashed potato? Gravy makes sense if it's nice and meaty but onion gravy? I know that pets are never going to get any brighter the way a child would, but honestly I think we got one that's jammed on the stupid setting.

She threw up about 3am by the way.

microdave said...

Our last cat loved custard! As soon as she smelt it she wouldn't leave us alone until we had finished our "seconds" and given her the bowls to lick clean.

Oh, and we had a Guinea Pig who was addicted to coffee.

And a very tame Robin who liked grated cheese.....

Angry Exile said...

microdave, I would pay money to see a guinea pig on double shot espresso.

microdave said...

Alas, it was a long time ago, and "Gwinny" is but a fond memory. "Pyrex" glass tableware was popular at the time, and the routine was to leave some coffee in the cup and lay it on its side in the saucer. As soon as this was placed on the floor, Gwinny (who by that time was squeaking like mad) dived in and polished the remains off in seconds. It was comical to see her drinking like this, and she wouldn't relent until all the cups had been dealt with. There might be a photo hiding in an album or box in the roof - If I ever come across one I'll post it.

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