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Friday, 26 March 2010

Constantly Furious - not a happy blogger.

It would kind of spoil the name if he was.

Today he seems particularly hacked off with the latest poll results which have Cameron's Tories only 2% ahead of Genghis Brown and his Golden Horde Shower of Shit.
The Labour share of the vote is up to 34%. And, under the bizarre electoral system we enjoy, that means that Labour will somehow, eventually, win the election.

Yes, Labour will remain in Government. Gordon Brown will continue to be Prime Minister. Ed Balls will become Chancellor, for fucks sake. We will be governed by the Unite-puppet Labour party for 5 more years.
Which will be awful. Only the most swivel eyed of Labour voting Pilkington taste testers think five more years is good news, sure. But on the bright side that inane wanker the Tories got to 'rebrand' themselves as a bluish version of Tony Blair's NuLabour will probably disappear up his own jacksie in the fallout. I think the Tories will not easily forgive losing the most winnable election for a dozen years even if, as I've suggested as an outside possibility, Cameron thinks this is a good election to lose and is playing it that way.
Who are you, you 34% who are going to vote Labour? What the fuck is going on in your heads?
Well, 34% is pretty close to the share of the vote they got for Blair's last election as PM, when they got about 9.5 million votes. There are about 6 million employed in the public sector and many more whose employers sell mainly to the public sector. Then there are all the people on benefits plus the tribalist retards who'd happily vote for anything with a red rosette even if it was Margaret Thatcher wearing a fake moustache and demanding to be called Dave. The silver lining is that that lot is a damn sight more than 9 million so a lot of them look like they didn't vote for the grinning mutation last time and won't vote for El Gordo this time.
Do you really, really want this bunch of fuckwits to continue their inept reign over us?
Yep, they would.
Would you enjoy further increases in the already fucking enormous tax burden that that has been steadily loaded onto those that actually work?
Many of them aren't paying it, and of the ones who are plenty of them really aren't - everyone in the public sector might as well be paid their net salary tax free.
Do you want to see a continued growth in the numbers that don't actually work, and sit on their fat arses all day watching televisions that we paid for?
Too busy watching TV to consider that.
Do you believe that after 13 fucking years of fucking up everything they touched, this Government will somehow get a new lease of life after the election and actually start to make everything - anything - better?
Now they're too busy reading the celeb section of the newspaper.
Would you like to see even more taxpayer-funded demonisation and denormalisation of smokers, drinkers, eaters of food and drivers of cars?
Well, as long as it doesn't oooooh Angelina Jolie's adopting an entire village. Wow.
Do you want 5 more years of McBroon lying and gurning and stammering in the House of Commons?
She's got six and half swimming pools, you know.
Would you like to see the Lord High Mandleson grow even more powerful, and end up running every single fucking government department whilst not actually being allowed to attend Parliament?
Shiny, shiny, shiny, everywhere I look. Shiny, shiny.

What Cameron is up against, other than his own policy free blandness of course, are millions who've been more or less conditioned not to think because when they do they're overwhelmed be the sheer bloody pointlessness of deciding between two or three bunches of thieving cunts with the same shite ideas, the same paternalist attitude, the same line in sound bites and, more and more, almost the same fucking policies. The headache starts to go away after a while if you just turn away and start thinking about who'll be in this year's Big Celebrity: Get My Brother Out Of Here.

Fuck it. Now there's two of us who are furious.


Bill Sticker said...
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Constantly Furious said...

Spread the FURY!!!

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