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Saturday, 20 March 2010

97... 98... 99... 100. Coming, ready or not.

I'm not sure if Karl Winn, the soon-to-be recipient of a poppy I intend to buy for him, is playing Hide and Seek by hiding behind new company names or Sardines by sharing his offices with two other companies. Sharing the phone too, which is convenient since they're all in the SEO and web design business. From The Filthy Engineer again:
How many Web design companies are there at 17 Cornishway, Taunton?

And they've all got the same telephone number.
You know, Karl, if you just stood up and said that it's your company and you'll hire whoever the fuck you like for whatever reasons you choose I could respect that. You'd still be a cunt in my book, but at least you'd only be a cunt for comparing ex-forces personnel to kiddy fiddlers and murderers. That's just strong disagreement. This is strong disagreement and my deepest contempt.
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