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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Poetic justice.

I'm not saying this would be a good thing or that I agree with Obnoxio's idea of voting Labour to force them to deal with their shit and to force the Tories to deal with theirs, but the idea of a hung Parliament with Colostomy Brown leading the largest party does have a certain sick appeal. I've been saying for ages that the Tories were so bad that a hung Parliament might be the best thing to hope for but I hadn't reckoned on the cock socket in chief still being at the wheel. Perhaps things actually need to get much worse before they can get better. Perhaps enough of the electorate will wake up that the election after this one will be the one where the usual parties get a thorough shoeing and something like libertarianism starts to come in. Perhaps I'm fucking dreaming and this is, as I've wondered once or twice, Cameron playing to lose the election, but not too badly. If so it might work out for the Tories, and maybe they'll change the way Obo suggests, but I'm not sure they'll forgive Cameron for being the Tories' Neil Kinnock - the man who couldn't defeat Gordon Brown.

Not long till we find out.

1 comment:

Chuckles said...

Hung Parliament, splendid idea, I must get tickets.
National Gallery or Newgate?

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