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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Some Aussie culture - part 4

Since tomorrow is the start of the Aussie Rules Football season, and since it's initially a tricky game to follow for the newcomer, I thought I'd post this to help clarify things.

Okay, got that? Siren, bounce, avoid the basketball players, run away from the horses, fend off those padded gridiron boys, bodycheck yourself into the middle of a boxing ring where you need to dodge the fighter, smother the kicked ball so it lands on an ice rink, punch it to the players in the bullring, fend off them and the bull while trying not to get run over, high mark off the backs of the soccer players, quick handball forward and kick down to the soccer goal and then on to the forward pocket back in the Melbourne Cricket Ground for a kick at the goal.

Oh, and try not to be killed when the inevitable fight breaks out.
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