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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Mannker - UPDATED.

Via the Grumpy Old Twat I see that an MP is indulging in a bit of blogger bullying. John Mann, MP for Bassetlaw (Labour, natch) seems unhappy that there's a less than complimentary website dedicated to him and is threatening it with a libel action if the bits he doesn't like aren't removed.
You own a website called 'Mannisms'. Amongst a series of puerile comments such as referring to me as a 'wanker' the website contains inaccurate and libellous material.

The libel, which contains allegations about Parliamentary expenses, is actionable.

You have until 14:00 hours on Thursday 11 March to remove these allegations or legal action will commence against you for libel.
Bit tricky to remove the ones he doesn't like when he doesn't actually identify them, though the blogger says he quite happy to do so when each is pointed out to him - not, he says, that he recalls ever having made an allegation unless asking questions and requesting explanations somehow counts. The ironic part is that Mann has apparently signed an EDM that in a nutshell says that English libel laws are tilted in favour of palintiffs, encourage libel tourism, inhibit free speech and are badly in need of reform, yet as the Mannisms blogger says
... he sends a letter threatening me with a libel action because I publish something he doesn’t like.
This is my MP.
I'd say that 'wanker' is an insufficiently strong term for John Mann.

UPDATE - and another one via Mr Eugenides. This time it's George Galloway, the cat suited cunt.
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