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Thursday, 25 March 2010

"No-one's talking about gassing anyone. Not at this stage."

Been to the doctor's in Britain in the last few years? It's starting to get this way sometimes, isn't it?
Frustrated by their continued awfulness, the Royal College of Physicians said the poor should be herded into long barrack huts in remote areas and surrounded by a large wooden fence so that affluent, middle class children will not be able to see them.

RCP president Professor Sir Denys Finch-Hatton said: "We've tried controlling their vileness with bans and taxes, but it's not working, so eventually we thought 'fuck it, let's just round them up'."


"I really don't see why this has to be a big deal. It's just a few camps, a bit of barbed wire, maybe some dogs. No-one's talking about gassing anyone. Not at this stage."
For once I wouldn't be too surprised if The Daily Mash weren't first with this, because I wouldn't fall over in shock if someone found it in an unmarked folder in a filing cabinet somewhere.

On a slight tangent I wonder if I've ever mentioned that several of the most prolific drinkers - at least three of whom I'm sure would qualify as alcoholics - that I've met in my life were in the medical profession?
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