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Friday, 5 March 2010

No snowbosoms please, we're Americans.

Because, as everybody knows, snowbosoms stop existing when you hide them.
Elisa Gonzalez and her family spent hours crafting a nude sculpture in the front garden of their home in Rahway, New Jersey.
Motorists stopped to take photos of their version of the celebrated Greek statue Venus de Milo, and several neighbours were complimentary.
But Rahway police sent an officer to their home after they received an anonymous complaint of "a naked snow woman", and asked the family to cover her up.
Despite his appreciation, the officer then asked the family to dress the snowlady.
Mrs Gonzalez said: "...I thought she looked more objectified and sexualised after you put the bikini on."
Mrs Gonzalez's daughter Maria Conneran, 21, said they had been made to cover up art.
"Are you going to go to the Met and cover up all the statues?"
Judge for yourselves.
Personally I remain unaroused by either version and think the complaint - anonymous, natch - says more about the mind of the person who was offended by it than the armless, headless 'Di Milo' style snow-woman does about the Gonzalez family. It reminds me of a footnote in Terry Pratchett's Hogfather:
In fact the hen is not the bird traditionally associated with heralding a new sunrise, but Mrs Huggs, while collecting many old folk songs for posterity, has taken care to rewrite them where necessary to avoid, as she put it, 'offending those of a refined disposition with unwarranted coarseness'. Much to her surprise, people often couldn't spot the unwarranted coarseness until it had been pointed out to them.
Sometimes a chicken is nothing but a bird.
So in the faint hope that the anonymous complainant finds their way here by accident I offer a link to a giant snow cock. Go on, click on it, you know you want to. Or remain here at look at this picture I found of snowpeople in which no bosoms can be seen at all.

Incidentally, that's further proof of Rule 34.


JuliaM said...

"Despite his appreciation, the officer then asked the family to dress the snowlady."

Oh, wow!

I bet when this bloke was a little lad, watching 'Starsky and Hutch', dreaming of the day he'd be a cop himself, this wasn't exactly how he thought his typical day would go...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Angry Exile said...

My language skills are very poor but I'd like to think that 簡單嗎 translates as 'spamming cock chomper'.

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