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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Down the rabbit hole.

Colostomy Brown has to be some kind of fantasist to come up with this stuff (my emphasis):
With his behaviour under scrutiny as never before, Mr Brown used a GMTV interview to admit that he got angry sometimes — “Doesn’t everybody?”, he asked. The working environment in No 10, he said, was “like a family”, but he sometimes had to push colleagues to get things done. “You don’t solve a world recession by being a shrinking violet.”
It's actually a little sad that his response when put in an uncomfortable position about his Nokia busting is to retreat into the fantasy that it really doesn't matter, that whatever he's being accused of is okay because - no laughing at the back - he solved the worldwide recession.

I think it's not just for everyone else's sakes but his own that he needs to be packed off to somewhere with nice weather, understanding staff and a lifetime supply of blue pills to keep the illusion going.

You take the blue pill, you wake up in Number 10 and believe whatever you want to believe.....
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