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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Getting an education.

At Dick Puddlecote's I read this:
Last week, the boy Puddlecote's school e-mailed their regular newsletter. At the end of the sterile but cheery message was a plea for parent participation.
"The children are always pleased when parents hear them sing at our assembly shows, so please come along if you can. Remember to bring your CRB checks with you"
Now, I'm CRB checked but was working. However, there are plenty others who would be able to attend but have never required clearance from the CRB in work or voluntary activities. And seeing as the process, in my experience, can take up to three months, anyone without clearance who wished to attend was effectively barred on the remote premise that they might be a paedophile.

Sorry if that appears simplistic, but how else can one view it? Guilty until proven innocent by the state machine.
It beggars belief, it really does. Not only guilty till proven innocent but what does it say about the absolute zero levels of initiative? Have you got your CRB check, Mr Glitter? Thank you, yes, that's all we need to see, please step right this way.

'Kinell. Go read the whole thing, but if you're not British please try not to take the piss out of Britain the way my wife did. We know it's fucking embarrassing, okay?


microdave said...


I've just been reading about your CO2 emitting camels, so I was ready to make some snide comments. However this takes the fucking biscuit.....

It would be nice to think that every parent will tell the school to stuff the CRB check up its arse sideways, and then explain to the heartbroken kids why no one will be watching them.

Angry Exile said...

Ah, the camels. I was just getting to them but a smoking related story jumped the queue. As the no doubt apocryphal screen goddess said in an advertising role, nothing satisfies me like a camel.

Dick Puddlecote said...

I know you probably won't be able to view this Panorama show from last night (Monday) here, but if any of your Brit readers haven't seen it, it may have them as close to smashing their own TV in anger as I was.

If I knew how to get it onto YouTube, I would, but look out for the edition entitled "Are you a danger to kids". Ed Balls and Labour fucktard Meg Hillier are particularly anger-inducing.

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