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Friday, 12 February 2010

Marcus the Sheep.

No, not the one who got eaten. Actually I'm being a bit unkind here because I'm referring to Marcus Brigstocke.

The other day over at Bishop Hill I came across this post encouraging people to sign up to a petition asking for much needed reform of Britain's increasingly comical libel laws. So I went over to add my name and have a look around, and whilst there I came across their 'pledge wall' (Fuckface terminology is spreading, eh?). This is where people's messages of support appear including - with artful publicity shots - those of more than a dozen assorted journos, writers, performers, slebs and luvvies. Mouse over a face and you get a brief quote on the subject of libel reform from the person who's now got your mouse cursor up their nose. Here's what Marcus Brigstocke has to say.

Good on yer, Marcus, couldn't agree more. But hang on a mo, Marcus writes for the Grauniad as well and recently he had this to say on the subject of Osama Bin Laden's support for the fight against warble gloaming (my emphasis).
In the "new" recording he mentions the Kyoto protocol and Bush junior's failure to act. Catch up, beardy – it's Obama and Copenhagen now. To be honest the whole statement's a bit dated and makes me think that this tape may have been made some time ago. Perhaps he's got the wrong wattage of eco bulbs in the cave and can't read the latest stuff. I wonder if he even knows about the East Anglia email scandal. That seems to be reason enough to get otherwise logical people to doubt years of peer-reviewed work from thousands of scientists, so imagine what it might do to a loose cannon like him.
The man who says that scientists with legitimate questions should be free to speak is pretty dismissive when it comes to scientists - and others* - asking legitimate questions about what passes for science in the field of climate whinge. "Otherwise logical people?" Arrogant prick. Ill informed too. The main reason for doubt, Marcus... buddy, and incidentally all the reason anyone should ever need, is that doubt is scientific. The email scandal merely confirmed what many doubters had suspected for some time - that certain alarmists were going to some lengths to silence, marginalise or simply ignore those asking legitimate questions.

Or is that only wrong when some fuckknuckles tries to make a libel case out of it, Marcus?



Bill Sticker said...

Brigstocke? Highly overrated. Saw him 'live' twice when he topped the bill at a Comedy club I used to visit regularly. I've seen better. On both occasions two acts lower down on the bill got better laughs.

He's not that funny, or profound.

Angry Exile said...

He's always struck me as being someone who was too young to have been involved with the lefty comedy scene in the 80s, watched the Red Wedge stuff desperately wishing he could have been a part of it too, and has secretly been fantasising that Margaret Thatcher was still running the country ever since he became an adult. I can't decide who's more annoying, Brigstocke, Mark Steel or Jeremy Hardy.


On reflection I think it's Brigstocke.

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