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Friday, 5 February 2010

Food for thought.

Holy fuck.


Captain Ranty said...

"Holy fuck" is exactly what I thought.

Couple this information with the recent announce about British forces manning the streets, AND the Civil Contingencies Act and we have a perfect recipe for Martial Law.

Gordon Cunting Brown will stay in power forever.

No food = riots.

Riots = soldiers & police with guns.

State of Emergency = cancelled elections.

This is not a happy time.


Angry Exile said...

All true, though I don't think Gordon Brown has the balls for it. If he had a pair he'd have called the election that never was when he could have taken Cameron, but he chickened out of that. This would require even more cojones. I'm sure the bastard would try to legally tip the electoral scales in his favour, and I'd believe he might look the other way so as to maintain plausible deniability while someone did something active to rig it. But being a political coward he's not the sort to go further than that. The problem is that sooner or later someone will be in No 10 who's mad, bad and bold enough to say 'fuck it, why not?' Doubt it's Camermong, but one day someone will be there and will seriously consider it. Hopefully the Civil Contingencies Act at least, and more with luck, will be history by then. If not it's fucking Norsefire time.

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