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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Worrying stuff in Scotland.

This bears watching closely. It might turn out to have a reasonable explanation but it's got all the hallmarks of a whitewash. From Old Holborn:
I am hearing some very unpleasant things about Grampian Police and certain sectors of the Law in Scotland. Nothing unusual there, you say, the bastards are riddled with freemasons and rapists but this one is unusual

It concerns the allegations that certain named individuals have been using a Downs Syndrome child "for their amusement" and a desperate attempt is being made to cover it up by various members of the Judiciary in Scotland. She has since been awarded £13K in compensation, forced to flee the country and no one has been charged.

Journalist Robert Green went to find out what was going on last Friday and was promptly arrested. His house has been raided whilst he is locked up and his computer "removed".
Accusations made against the great and good, hush money paid, nosy journalist silenced by being arrested, access to his files achieved by confiscation of his computer... so far so grim. All it really needs is for a court to issue a media gag order.
A D notice has been slapped on any reporting... A BBC report on it was pulled.
And there we go. As I said there might be reasons for this, but let me out it this way: if you're going for the cover up look that's ticked just about all the boxes. Old Holborn is clearly not going to take any notice of injunctions and attempts to silence enquiries and if the rest of the blogosphere helps make waves the lamestream media (h/t Bill Sticker) will hopefully follow suit.

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JuliaM said...

I don't usually subscribe to conspiracy theories, after all, cock-up theories are far more plausible.

But as you say, if you were going to design one, say for a tv series, this would make a perfect blueprint, wouldn't it?

There seems to be a bit of confusion over whether the d notice mentioned is a real D notice though...

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