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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Is this a sign of a sinking ship?

And am I being a bit unreasonable by suggesting that James Purnell is a rat?
James Purnell, one of the few remaining Blairites with a chance of becoming Labour leader, shocked his party this morning by announcing that he was quitting Parliament at the election.

Labour insiders said that he was telling his Stalybridge and Hyde local party that with regret he was standing down to seek new challenges.
On the whole I think I've misjudged him. When he quit the cabinet I thought it was probably all part of a strategy but since he's now stepping down as an MP either it wasn't or he's changed his mind. I may loathe his politics but if he's going to go off and get a real job, or at least work for a think tank, he's clearly got a bigger pair than Colostomy Brown.
His departure is another blow to the Labour leadership as it sends out the message that one of the party’s youngest stars sees no immediate future in politics for himself — and probably for his party.
Sounds like he doesn't even think there'll be a hung Parliament and a chance of a coalition with the LibDumbs. Glug glug glug glug... the only cloud in the middle of that silver lining is that he presumably thinks the Tories are going to win, and Dave isn't going to turn Britain just by not being Gordon.


Anonymous said...

Likewise. He at least has some principles, unlike McDoom and his clowns.

Matthew Parris has written an insightful piece today, juxtaposing Purnell's exit with the infantile politics which allegedly represents us.

This country is governed by knaves, for knaves. Fuck the country and what is best for it.

JuliaM said...

He doesn't have principles, just a very well-developed sense of self preservation.

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