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Friday, 12 February 2010

Been to the Ambush Predator's cave... UPDATED

... and this has left me speechless with rage.
Remember the story of Marcus the sheep and the parents determined to prevent his slaughter bcause their little darlings had their pwecious feewings hurt over the cuddly 'pet'?

Well, they won. They hounded a brilliant teacher out of her job.

A headteacher who outraged parents and traumatised children after allowing a lamb that had been hand-reared by pupils to be slaughtered has been 'bullied' from her job.
Yep, I remember alright. And following the links JuliaM provided to the new article I read this:
Andrea Charman has resigned after telling friends she has been 'bullied and victimised' ever since.
Mrs Charman even received threats of violence after the decision for six-month-old Marcus to be butchered and his meat sold in a raffle.
Many parents at Lydd Primary School in Kent yesterday admitted Mrs Charman had generally been a good headmistress.
But they insisted her position had become untenable over her handling of Marcus's fate.

Why, when she had generally been a good headmistress, was her position untenable? Because despite this being the decision of the schoolchildren, your poor fragile offspring that you are protecting and shielding from the evils of the world by demonstrating such hatred toward their teacher (yeah, good parenting that, you fuckheads), you made Andrea Charman's life a fucking misery. That's why it was untenable. Your fault!

Worse still...
Adele Grant, 41, said her ten-year-old daughter Liberty had been left 'psychologically traumatised' and needed counselling after the death.
Of Mrs Charman's departure, she added: 'My daughter's pleased. In fact, she's absolutely ecstatic, although some of the pupils are upset because they liked her.
'My argument was never with her as a headteacher. It was the way she handled things. What happened was disgusting and barbaric and unfair to the children.'
No it fucking wasn't. Taking them in order, your disgust is as subjective as if I aired the opinion that you're an evil, chthonic spawn of the darkness in human form - completely irrelevant. Next, was it really barbaric? Did Andrea Charman have it ritually killed or sacrificed during a Black Mass? There are no reports to suggest that anything like that happened, and with regulations governing animals destined for meat being what they are I doubt it was anything worse than the slaughter of any other food animal. As for being unfair to the children, have you forgotten that it was the children themselves who decided Marcus's fate. I think what you mean is 'fuck the rest of the kids, it was unfair to my daughter because she disagreed'. Can we just go back to last September for a mo?
'Children from Year 2 and above were given the opportunity to choose what happened to the lamb. It was made clear that it could be kept as a pet, or sold to go for meat to raise money for the school farm to buy more animals.
'The following week the children voted by an overwhelming majority for the lamb to be sold for meat.'
In addition Andrea Charman claimed that the kids were always told that 'lambs were meat', something you and your fellow campaigners perhaps should have spent a little more time discussing with your fragile offspring. Yes, Adele, that's right. It's not gone unnoticed that you were one of the handful of parents who opposed the not-decision not-made by Andrea Charman when she allowed the children to vote on whether Marcus became a school pet or was sold for meat to raise money to buy the school more animals.
The fight to save Marcus was co-ordinated by three mothers, Adele Grant, 40, Tina Goodyear, 49 and Jo Davis, 33...
Kiddies being kiddies saw that 1 lamb = money > 1 lamb and sent him off for an exciting new career in catering, but that offended your sensibilities, didn't it? Too chicken (sorry) to deal with the realities and help your children do the same it was easier for you to go off on one and start a Facebook group* instead. Whether you meant it to get out of hand and reach death threat territory or not I don't know and don't care. What I do know and care about is that your actions are those of someone who supports minority rule over a majority decision, and that's got no fucking place in a free society.

You know what I really find ironic, Adele? You named your daughter Liberty.

* UPDATE - There are some fucking gems on there.
I used to go to school with bullies. I have as much contempt for them now as I did then!
Ironic coming from someone who has more recently expressed apparent delight that the teacher had been hounded from her job, and is a fan of well known non-bullies such as PETA and the ALF. Best of all is one from Adele herself, the woman who named her daughter for something she seems to have little time for:
I'm sick to death of people keep saying that it was "only the minority" that had a problem with the slaughter program, regardless of whether it was the minority or even one child, the law states "EVERY CHILD MATTERS"
Every child matters apart from the ones who voted that Marcus got turned into a lamb rogan. But there you have it - the will of a majority takes second place to that of just one child. Er, Adele, I don't think that's quite what the law says.

UPDATE 2 - More from Facefuck via commenter Woman On A Raft at JuliaM's:
What happened here is one of the worst examples of psychological cruelty I have ever come accross. She went ahead despite the pleas of children, parents members of the public and even celebrities such as Paul O'Grady.
So if Brangelina had wrote in saying 'waste the sheep' that'd make it okay? Or what?


Sue said...

It's no wonder kids think that meat originates entirely from supermarkets.

Whatever happened to hardening them to real life? This and the previous generation of molly coddled kids are going to turn out to be very sad adults indeed!

babycakes said...

Has anyone seen Adele Grants profile picture on facebook??? seriously love no one wants to see your 40yr olds fanny!!! thats a disturbing picture!

Bunnylove said...

If you want a celebrity to bring on board for the other side, look up Ted Nugent. I reckon he'd volunteer to slaugher and dress as well!

I grew up raising animals, all of whom had names and some of whom ended up on dinner plates, albeit never mine; had a garden and was never shy about eating the produce, either, though I'm sure the chops tasted better than the greens. It's a shame that more people who profess to love the earth don't have a closer relationship with it.

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