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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Going to the Big House.

Would it be wrong of me to hope that this corrupt arsehole's guilty verdict is sending the shits up another four or five corrupt arseholes?
The judge said Dizaei had shown a "grave abuse of public trust" and his conduct had persisted for some time.
Dizaei will remain a senior police officer until the bureaucratic formal process of throwing him out of the force can be completed.
The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), which investigated the original complaint, must pass its files to the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) for a decision.
Dizaei will then be sacked for gross misconduct and could face losing all or part of his pension under further measures aimed at punishing corrupt officers.
Nick Hardwick, who leads the IPCC, branded Dizaei a "criminal in uniform" who threatened the reputation of the entire service.
Oh, I don't know about that. Given the 'wholesale abuse of power' couldn't he retrain as a PCSO?


Captain Ranty said...

Let's be adult about this.

This fucker won't be spending any quality time in a tough nick with Big Vern. He will claim a standard nick is "too dangerous" because all the bad boys will rip his head off and shit down his neck.

My crystal ball tells me that:

1. He will appeal, on the grounds of racism. (Naturally).

2. He will get a vastly reduced sentence. (Naturally).

3. It will be spent reflecting the error of his ways in some soft open prison. (Naturally).

FFS, the twat will probably get his old job back when he gets out in the summer.


Angry Exile said...

True. Let's hope he got a judge who was smart enough to work out his sentence so that it would withstand appeal for a reduction (the bastard's only going to do two years anyway) and the prosecution case didn't have any mistakes that would allow him to appeal the verdict. Not a lot anyone can do about the amount of time he'll spend in an open nick, though I'm sure there'll be cop haters in there too, but if I remember right a prison screw once told me that all prisoners spend their very first days in somewhere hard. Jeffrey Archer did his first weeks in fucking Belmarsh, and cunt though he is it was only perjury. I reckon Dizaei will get at least a taste of the same.

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