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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Gordon Clown's personality campaign lumbers on.

His campaign to acquire a personality, that is. Though I hold him in almost as much contempt DING is probably doing the smart thing by not doing a similar tearful interview and scores bonus points for not pointing out Gordon's hypocrisy. Meanwhile the cyclopean madness seems to have infected the whole Labour party.
The recorded Life Stories show is regarded by Labour strategists as an opportunity for Mr Brown “to reintroduce himself” to voters ahead of a contest in which the Tories are expected to make much of his unpopularity.
They don't want to be re-introduced to the fucker, you idiots. Once was enough.

Loyal wife is doing her best, but look what the poor woman has to work with.
On Thursday, Sarah Brown joined the effort to project the human face of her “DH” — darling husband...
Oh? Not DickHead then? She really does love him.
...ahead of the broadcast. In a webchat for, she described how he was taking charge of plans for Valentine’s Day, adding: “He is surprisingly romantic (for a Scot and a Man).”
I'm sure the country would have liked a bunch of roses and a nice meal before he fucked it, but he must have been saving that for you.
Like many men, however, he is also “v loud when there’s sport on” and “he’s v messy all the time”.
Are we talking about the shattered remnants of mobile phones again?
If much of their life “takes place in extraordinary circumstances”, she added: “It is also important for us to remain an ordinary family with privacy and time together."
Which is why you're talking about it to, obviously. And I'm sure nobody from the party had anything to do with it.

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JuliaM said...

"...the human face of her “DH” — darling husband..."


Oh, damn! That's never going to wash out of my keyboard...

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