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Thursday, 18 February 2010

I'm a PC ..... and I'm a complete bastard.

I've mentioned before that I like my Macs but I'm not completely in love with the company that made them. This is partly my own experience with less than stellar after sales care (actually I thought it was just as bad as any other cuntputer company). And it's partly their ridiculous twattishness over some IP matters, such as anything involving the word 'apple' or anything that looks even fucking remotely like an apple and names for apps that include the name of the Apple product they're designed for. And it's partly that they seem prepared to use the thinnest of excuses to avoid warranty work. I mean, fag smoke? Be-fucking-have. Now, courtesy of, five reasons you should be scared of Apple.

Personally I don't actually need any more reasons. They've got me as a customer because the desktop machine is ultra-reliable and the laptop is great when it works, which to be fair is more often that the Windolt machine it replaced but for more than $2,000 it fucking well should do. But they've been sufficiently wankerish about the MacBook's issues that Apple Care effectively became instantly worthless. And the so called Genius couldn't understand why I wouldn't buy it, or replace our Nokias with iPhones or treat myself to a new iPod to replace a very elderly one on its last legs. So no iPhones, no iPod, no Apple Care. Instead new Nokias (much cheaper) and, as threatened, a new generic MP3 player (also cheaper and with a hilariously ripped off not quite a clickwheel interface). And a new tool kit for MacBooks so I can fix the cunting thing myself when it refuses to play nice. Lost sales to Apple, thick end of $3000.

Good work, fucknuts.


microdave said...

Hmmmmm.... I won't view Mr Gates in quite the same light from now on!

It seems to me that you could draw a similar comparison to cars. Yes I suppose a Lexus / Porsche / Bentley etc are very nice and provide every comfort & convenience. BUT when they go wrong (and they do) you are totally in the hands of a limited number of specialist dealers, who charge accordingly.

Wheras the rest of us have to put up with Ford / Holden (in your case) etc. Not so flash and probably give more trouble, but they get you from A to B, and you can get them fixed anywhere for a fraction of the price. And if you fit some fancy wheels or modified suspension, it won't refuse to start....

And one more thing - I get ever so slightly pissed off with this "PC versus Mac" crap. PC means Personal Computer - what the hell is a Mac if it's not one of them???

Angry Exile said...

That's quite a good analogy, and an excellent point about the PC vs Mac campaign.

BTS said...

None of this makes any sense to me as I have no money to spend.

Possibly not the most helpful or enlightening of comments but hey, what do you want, blood..?

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