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Friday, 7 May 2010

Who should I hate more?

Gordon Brown won his seat and - fuck me dead - Caroline bloody Lucas won Brighton for the Greens. Jesus H. Christ on a fucking pony, the fucking Greens? And Lucas? Seriously? Dear Lord! I've always felt she was mad even by green standards.

So if I could deliver a sharp twatting about the head with a cricket bat to all concerned would it be 29,000 or so people in Kirkcaldy and Deadcowbreath or about half that number in NotsofuckingBrighton?


It's Brighton. You expect main party leaders to be in ultra-safe seats and for their tame tribes to slavishly vote them back in, so I can understand Colostomy Brown winning. Brighton... well, I hope the old derelict West Pier is replaced by the plug-ugliest fucking eyesore of a power station, one that is a new hybrid design not only burning coal and using nuclear power but also the blood of endangered species. And I hope every single watt of power is sent across noisy and ugly wires to be used elsewhere while you freeze in the dark, you utter, utter, utter twats.

I don't say this lightly but I'd have fucking voted for the Labour candidate, any Labour candidate, ahead of someone who won't be happy until the civilised world consists of half a billion people living in wattle and daub huts and eating grass.

1 comment:

JuliaM said...

I'd have voted for a DEAD Labour candidate before I'd have voted Green...!

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